We are interested in Computer-Assisted Tissue Engineering, Predictive Modeling of Stem Cell Behavior, and Single Cell Control of Migration.   Currently we are working on Fabricating Microfluidic Devices that serve as Mimics of the In Vivo Environment.  Additionally, our laboratory is heavily involved with Soft Lightography, Hardware Automation, Super-Resolution Microscopy, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.  Other projects in the Voronov lab involve understanding the Mechanism of Blood Clot Formation, which is relevant to Thrombo-pathologies such as Strokes, Heart Attacks and Hemophilia.   

Bone Tissue Engineering

3D Tissue-Engineered Construct Analysis via Conventional High-Resolution Microcomputed Tomography Without X-Ray Contrast

Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces

Boundary slip and wetting properties of interfaces: correlation of the contact angle with the slip length

Blood Systems Biology 

Simulation of Intrathrombus Fluid and Solute Transport Using In Vivo Clot Structures with Single Platelet Resolution

Stem Cell Migration